Brief explanation of the different aluminum welding techniques


Aluminum welding is a good way to create beautiful and durable fences and pool enclosures at home. This can be done by using certain techniques each with their own steps of preparation. Here is a brief explanation of each of these methods and how to prepare the pieces when using them.


Electric Arc

Arc aluminum welding is one of the oldest methods to exist. It utilizes an AC or DC power supply to create a high-temperature arc. This arc is in turn used to weld the metal pieces together. To prepare the parts have them properly cleaned of all contaminants including oxidation. Heat them up and use a jig to position them as close as possible. Place the filler rod on the seam and work the flame several inches above it.



This is a method which uses a tungsten rod sheathed in an inert gas to produce an arc. It has the benefit of being precise and produces high-quality results. To prepare the pieces, have them cleaned with a wire brush. Next, preheat the metal for optimal results. To prevent unwanted warping use a heat sink. Be sure to keep the filler rod as close as possible to the gas cloud.


DIY aluminum welding can be an effective way to create elegant and durable fences or pool enclosures. There are several methods which can be used in such projects. These include the electric arc. And tungsten-arc for high-quality results. Each of these methods has its sets of steps on preparing the pieces such as cleaning and positioning. If you would like to learn more about using these techniques in fences and enclosures, contact a professional welding company. An example of one such contractor is Topla Inc in Fort Myers, FL